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Welcome to the website of Partium Christian University’s Academic Group of German Studies!

Ours is the only Academic Group of German Studies at a Hungarian higher-education institution in Romania.

The history of the academic group dates back to 1995, when the German Language and Literature / Reformed Didactic Theology specialization started its activity at “Sulyok István” Reformed College, the predecessor of PCU.

The year of 2002 saw the establishment of the independent German Language and Literature BA program. Besides, our university offers the opportunity to pursue German studies combined with English studies.

The German Language and Literature BA program — unlike other German studies trainings in Romania — uses Hungarian as auxiliary language in translation practices, and in order to develop language skills (e.g. grammatical explanations, vocabulary comprehension).

A successful graduation after the basic three-year training enables students to continue their studies within our MA programs. In the frame of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism students have the possibility to choose – beside the basic course units and translation studies – from English, German and Hungarian specialization. Due to this, our university ensures MA level training in German Studies. The comprehensive accreditation makes it possible for PCU to provide its students with acknowledged diplomas equivalent to the ones issued by the state.

PCU is an institution with dynamic progress; students receive high standard training, even in comparison with international standards. Renowned and internationally acknowledged professors, foreign guest lecturers with significant professional experience, well-provided, steadily expanding libraries, and possibilities for grants to study abroad help our students’ professional development. Consequently, students are prepared for their intellectual career in a high standard and inspiring environment.

The standards of professional training are also raised by the possibility to improve competence with extracurricular activities tailored to individual needs within the frame of Janus Pannonius College. Members of the college can get an insight into the world of scientific research with the help of their supervisor. Their individual achievements can be presented at the annual Academic Students’ Conference held at Partium Christian University. In 2011, the German Studies of Janus Pannonius College was established, the purpose of which being to facilitate research in German language, literature and culture among students.

Students studying German language and literature can also opt for pursuing German studies for a term at universities abroad due to the Erasmus Student Mobility Program. Beside seven Hungarian universities, students can choose from the University of Augsburg in Germany, the Driestar Educatief (Gouda) Pedagogical College in the Netherlands, and Necmettin Erbakan University (Konya) in Turkey.

In order to present the achievements of our research work and to improve professional connections, our academic group regularly organizes the International Conference on German Studies, and issues a series called Großwardeiner Beiträge zur Germanistik. The series published 15 volumes to date.

Partium Christian University is proud to be a young and ambitious institution, loved by its students, where beside the competitive training, there is focus on generating togetherness and a sense of community among students. The Academic Group of German Studies organizes the following events for its students on a yearly basis: The Day of Student Orientation, Team-building Day, German film club, the Advent festivity, field trips, workshops, and free attendance to workshops in Bad Kissingen, Germany.

Management of the Academic Group:

Dr. Andrea Bánffi-Benedek, PhD

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  • Telephone: +40-259-418252/120, +40-259-418244/138
  • Fax: +40-259-418252, +40-259-418244

Dr. Eszter János, PhD

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  • Telephone: +40-259-418252/120, +40-259-418244/138
  • Fax: +40-259-418252, +40-259-418244


Erika Gyarmati

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  • Telephone: +40-259-418252/119
  • Fax: +40-259-418252